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Hello, all! This is my first blog post on my first, professional website, so bear with me. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Anne G’Fellers-Mason, and I live in a small town in Jonesborough, TN. My mother is a librarian, principal, teacher, and perpetual scholar. I was surrounded by books from an early age. In fact, I spent most of my summers at the middle school she worked at, stamping new books for the classrooms and school library. I loved it!

The summer after sixth grade, I sequestered myself in the spare room upstairs and wrote the first chapter of my very first novel. I can distinctly remember sitting there, etching the title into the front of the red notebook with my Lisa Frank pen. (It changed colors between purple and hot pink.) That was the first time I ever started with the title. Usually, I write half the story and then try to decide what I’m going to call the darn thing. I finished my first book that summer, and it was magic. As I was writing, I felt completely in place. Every part of me knew that I was born to write, to create worlds. Of course, as I grew older, the book went through many revisions. It’s about to go through its next revision and will be published next November, but more on that at a later date. I won’t reveal too much about my very first book, but I will say this…dragons.

Since then, I’ve started many different books. My hard drive is filled with multiple stories. I’ve completed short stories, poems, and plays. My studies have taken me to Mars Hill University, East Tennessee State University, and Hollins University. In my day to day adult life, I work as the Special Projects Coordinator for the Heritage Alliance. We’re a small non-profit that specializes in history, museums, and preservation. I get to play with history every day. I’m very lucky that my job lets me combine my three degrees in theatre, history, and playwriting. I get the chance to research the people who once lived in Jonesborough and share their stories in my plays. It is an awesome responsibility.

Work keeps me busy, and unfortunately I don’t get to read or write as much as I’d like to. Still, there’s nothing that makes me happier, except maybe my spouse…and our cats. I am surrounded by a sister who writes and a mother who writes in a family compound. Future blogs will cover some of my inspirations, influences, and more humorous anecdotes. For now, I just wanted to say hello. Thanks for following me on this author journey.

Oh yeah, and most important part, my first published novel is coming out this October! The Summer Between is my second, completely finished book, but it will be my first published. Lots more on it to follow.

Here are some places where you can read other works of mine.

Great Expectations: Eight Short Plays About Teens Under Pressure (Published by YouthPLAYS)

by Nicole B. Adkins, Will Coleman, Anne G’Fellers-Mason, Laura King, Wendy-Marie Martin, Marshall N. Opie, Jeri Weiss, and Ricky Young-Howze

Please Say Yes: Short Plays About Promposing (Published by YouthPLAYS)

by Nicole B. Adkins, Will Coleman, Anne G’Fellers-Mason, Megan Gogerty, Neeley Gossett, Adam Hahn, Laura King, Samantha Macher, Wendy-Marie Martin, and Ricky Young-Howze

You can visit YouthPLAYS online at https://www.youthplays.com/.

A Mourning Hollow (Published by The BookPatch LLC)

by Liesl Ehmke (Author), Eric Eidson (Author), Kevin D. Ferguson (Author), Anne G’Fellers Mason (Author), Taylor Gruenloh  (Author), Laura King (Author), Wendy-Marie Martin (Author), Caitlin McCommis (Author), Shane Strawbridge (Author)

You can get a copy of A Mourning Hollow on Amazon.

And you can read a fabulous fanfic I wrote about Sherlock (BBC). I only write quality fanficiton. My professional wrestling fanfics used to get requests, all the way from Germany. I also wrote an amazing episode of the X-Files once. Too bad that computer crashed and the floppy disk fried. Sad times.

More to come!


This photo, courtesy of Charlie Mauk, is the cast of A Spot On the Hill in October of 2016. A Spot On the Hill is a new play I create every fall that shares the stories of those buried in the Old Jonesborough Cemetery. We perform the play inside the cemetery. I really do love my job!

Headshot at top courtesy of Cassandra Snow.

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