The Summer Between Meet the Characters Number 3: Lindsay Beckingham


“I mean it. The test is bogus. Mail it back and forget it. You_re much more than four categories on a piece of paper.”

It’s time to meet the women of The Summer Between. Meet Lindsay Beckingham! Lindsay and Brendon have known each other since the second grade. They actually started as enemies but became fast friends. They’ll be going to the same university in the fall, but whereas Brendon has no clue what he wants to do with his life, Lindsay seems to have everything figured out.

In Brendon’s own words, “Lindsay’s had her whole life figured out since she was eleven. She’s going to be a doctor. It’s both impressive and daunting how sure she is about everything.”

Lindsay is driven and goal oriented. Her multiple summer jobs will be keeping her busy, but she’s always there for her friends when they need her, especially Brendon. The two of them share a special connection, one that will be tested as they try to survive the summer and all its many hurdles.

Here’s a look into what’s important to Lindsay and Brendon’s friendship.






Will their friendship make it through the summer intact?

“. . .I’m really, really stoked you’re coming to Rye with me because after ten years, I’d be lost without you.” – Brendon M

For Brendon’s sake, let’s hope so.

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(Photo by Stephan Seeber on Unsplash, Photo by Arya Meher on Unsplash, Photo by Benjamin Dickerhof on Unsplash, Photo by Jéssica Oliveira on Unsplash)


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