Writing Update and A Weird Poem

Literal blog title is very literal. How are you, my readers? I am weird. I mean, I’ve always been weird, but right now I am in a really weird head space. More on that later. Below are some writing updates in picture form. I do have an interview and a new play coming up. Check them out!

I had the wonderful opportunity to remount my historical play “Nancy’s Story” with my talented friend Ubunibi Afia Short at the Telford Ruritan Club. She is gorgeous. I am hot and sweaty and tired.

I will be a guest on Dan-A-Plooza on October 16th. The interview will stream live on his Facebook page. I’m sure to talk writing and all things Halloween.

My cemetery play “A Spot on the Hill” is back for its 8th year. We have 12 new stories to share. If you’re in the Jonesborough area those days, please come and see this funny, beautiful, and poignant show.

So, how is my writing going? I’m still on the possibly self indulgent self therapy kick. In other words, I am still working on my Stranger Things fanfiction right now, and that’s pretty much it. I imagine I’ll do a spooky writing challenge for October again. I do enjoy those, even when the stories go off the wall bonkers, and they usually do. I love that my readers are enjoying my alternate Stranger Things-verse where Steve Harrington is a medium. You can read the whole series here at this link https://archiveofourown.org/series/1614052. I am currently on part four of the series. The following memes sum up my writing right now perfectly. Always love a good meme.

And now for a truly self indulgent, weird, awkward poem. Read on if you’d like, or go read something else. Either way, I hope you have a nice day.

"Cave Dwelling or Dwelling on Caves"

I've been thinking about caves recently
Dark caves
Caves with small spaces
I've been thinking about getting stuck in caves
About people who have died in caves
People who got stuck and couldn't get out

Last night when I should have been sleeping
I got lost on the Internet
Went down a rabbit hole
Dwelt in a cave or two
Learned about John Edward Jones and Floyd Collins
People who got stuck and couldn't get out

After two nights of little sleep
I trolled the Internet until 3:00 am
Until my eyelids drooped and my bones felt numb
But my mind was racing
Scanning the articles for every tragic detail

I spend my time in cemeteries
I spend my time dealing with dead people's stuff
I spend my time living in what remains when your soul has moved on
I know people die in all kinds of ways
Fire, flood, hail storms, a fall in the shower
But there's something about a cave
Something about getting stuck

I spent my weekend in a lovely place
With lovely people who mean the world to me
But it felt like a misguided attempt to reconquer my youth
Revisit what was but can never be again
Maybe I went in expecting too much
Maybe I can't deal with reality

When I was younger, I crawled through a cave
In fifth grade we stepped over a barbed wire fence
Crawled into a cave where people had died
Our counselors led us through darkened rooms
I crawled on my belly through water and tight spaces
I loved it
I never thought twice about the danger
Anything could have happened to us
We could have gotten stuck
But we didn't
One girl broke her ankle, though
But I didn't

All it takes is pressing on the wrong rock
Crawling a little too far in the wrong direction
A piece of equipment breaking 
A refusal to turn back even when things are getting bad

I'll never be in a cave like that again
Now I crave well marked paths 
Safety rails
Gift shops

My life is not high risk
So why am I researching caves?
Why do I empathize with people who are slowly dying
Suffocating as they're crushed
Suffocating because they're stuck
There's no room to breathe
No room to give

And I wonder, where was the rock?
Where was the narrow pathway?
What was the equipment that broke?

But it's a beautiful day
I do what I love
I am surrounded by people I love
I have nothing to complain about

I worked 105 hours in nine days
We have less money than that in our bank account

Where was the rock?

I have so much to do
So I research caves
And people who died in caves
People who got stuck and couldn't get out

The alarm goes off in four hours

I can read one more.

Here’s to spooky season being just around the corner and to Hocus Pocus 2! #writingupdates #fanfiction #badpoetry


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