Oct 18-19: Black Cat and Moonlight at Midnight

I’m back! It’s such a busy two weeks with Halloween events. In addition to the play, I am doing macabre history tours through our historic town. Also, we have a big school group tomorrow, and it’s the first big school group we’ve had since pre-Covid, so I’m a little rusty. I know I’ll be worn out tomorrow.

I’m still finding ways to celebrate the season, that aren’t work related. I love the show Halloween Wars on Food Network. It’s a little different setup this year, thanks to the pandemic, but it’s still fun. They took away the pumpkin part of it, though, not sure why. I love watching the pieces of scary, edible art come together.

Prompts, Black Cat and Moonlight at Midnight.

“Gregor stashed the bike, and Richard, in the nearby bushes. He slowly crept into the house on high alert and ready for anything. He was still scared out of his mind, though, when the black cat came hurtling trough the air at him. The cat screamed, he screamed, and then someone . . . Laughed?

His jerky colleagues, the ones who had slashed their tires, came around the corner. Gregor looked down to see a Halloween decoration had been thrown at him.

“Real funny, guys.”

“You should have seen your face,” Matt cackled.

“What are you all doing here?” Gregor didn’t have time for this.

“I got a key to Dick’s place when he went out of town. I water his plants,” Matt explained.

“Yeah, we were going to scare him,” Dwight added.

“Why isn’t he with you? Did you kill him or something?” Matt asked.

Gregor tried not to look guilty. “No. After our outing, he had to go and meet Dr. Hozier.” Yes, he could go ahead and plant that seed, put all the suspicion on the real killer.

Dwight grimaced. “He’s the only person worse than Richard.”

“You look like hell, Gregor,” Neil observed. “Do you need a glass of water?”

“I’ve had a rough night, okay? Someone slashed the tires on my car.” He gave them all a pointed look.

“We didn’t do that,” Neil protested.

“Naw, man, we’re not assholes.” Matt picked the stuffed cat up off the floor. “Sounds like you ran afoul of some Yuletide pranksters.”

“Hey, let’s see what vintage Richard has in his wine fridge,” Dwight suggested. The party moved to the kitchen.

Gregor managed to excuse himself to go outside. “It’s the guys,” he told the corpse in the bushes. “Matt, Dwight, and Neil.”

“Oh, Lord, they’ll drink my good wine.”

Gregor rolled his eyes. “That’s hardly the worst of our problems.”

“Get rid of them,” Richard hissed.

“Well, obviously.” Gregor returned to the house to find a glass of wine had been poured for him. He was on a tight schedule, but he could also use a glass of wine.

He drank it down, contemplating how he could get rid of his colleagues. Just as he finished the glass, the power went out.

“That blows,” Neil remarked.

“Yes,” Gregor thought. “Now they’ll leave.”

The moonlight streamed through all the windows. It illuminated the house in a creepy glow.

“Guess we should head out,” Dwight suggested.

“Or,” Matt spoke over him, “we can play moonlight tag.”

“Moonlight tag?!” That was the most ridiculous idea Gregor had ever heard.

The elegant grandfather clock in the house struck midnight. “Come on, Matt, it’s midnight,” Dwight pointed out.

Matt smiled. “Even better.”

Also, if you need even more Halloweenie goodness, check out this cool light show. https://youtu.be/SbK8lMi0CBk

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